Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Assortment

A quick peak into life the last couple of weeks:
We went on a "family date" to eat lunch and see a move. The Croods, to be exact.

I keep telling my girls this is where I am going to send them to college:

My grandmother makes me laugh. She is so current, with her Iphone and everything. I got this frenzied text message from her:
(I love you nanny! Happy Birthday!)

Also? She said "cotton picking." Isn't that the cutest??
Abby is loving reading and writing. She wrote her Aunt Melinda and Uncle Andrew a letter. It was all about their new baby. Did I mention they are having a GIRL?! Woohoo!
Over Spring Break my mom and I took both girls to the Nashville Children's Theater to see Pinkalicious the Musical. It was so cute. They loved it.

I had a few moments to myself one day and borrowed my parents car to make it to an appointment. I couldn't figure out how to change the radio stations, so I ended up listening to classical music the entire time.  It was both annoying and relaxing all at once!

Easter happened and it was so fun. (BTW, have you ever seen an Easter Bunny costume that wasn't creepy?) (Me, neither.)

Audrey Kate and I spend lots of our day together, every day, all day. One day last week she accidentally spilled some water in the kitchen and I asked her to clean it up with a towel. It was just a tiny spill, really. So when I came back into the kitchen she had emptied my entire dishtowel drawer.
Yep, she got the spill up.


she raided my closet and emptied out my jewelry cabinet.
She is one funny girl that suprises me every time I turn my back. :)

Last but not least, Charlie-dog is getting to be just the sweetest.
Anyway, short but sweet post--full of pictures from a couple of weeks ago!
Now that it is getting warmer--yay! we are excited to get out and about. Or just stay home and play lots. Who knows?
Happy Spring Finally!

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Rebekah said...

I look forward to seeing how AK will re-arrange my house on Friday.

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